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Information is power and power is priceless, PISIQ provides this information as per the clients requirements, giving deep insight into analysis, collection, processing and infrastructure.

PISIQ offers in-depth and widely extensive control of the information needed by the client, effectively and instantly, using facilities such as:

Text Analysis

A set of linguistic statistics and machine learning techniques that models and structures information for analysis, very helpful in feeding AI technology, proper structured data to perform its predetermined task.

Statistical Analysis

A modeling practice of collecting, organizing, interpreting analysis to come up with statistical insights on a scientific, industrial or social problem.

Diagnostic Analysis

A type of innovative analytics that examine information or data, informing why certain issues happen using techniques such as data discovery, data mining and correlations, helps organizations analyze given issues and find problematic patterns.

Predictive Analysis

A sophisticated analytic style used to foresee future events by using several techniques such as machine learning, AI, statistical analysis and data mining, helps organizations understand their pathway and decisions required to meet their goals.

Descriptive Analysis

The analysis of data that allows summarizing and recounting a collection of information to create descriptive statistics and distribution of data, helps organizations describe the exact challenge at hand, extracting information that is used for analysis of a given scope of work.

Prescriptive Analysis

While complementing predictive analysis, prescriptive analysis impacts the outcome by using machine learning to aid in an organization’s business and strategic planning, mostly used for non-numerical data.

Risk Analysis

A process involving the identification and analyzation of any concerns and challenges that may adversely influence businesses and organizations.

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