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PISIQ produces intelligent and powerful hardware, guided by AI the subsequent addition of deep machine learning allows it to be “Smart”. Catering to a wide range of needs and uses without unnecessary complications and complexities this involves but is not limited to:

Internet Of Things (IOT)

Interconnected system of devices that work simultaneously to enable a smart environment. Used by organizations to monitor processes, give insight, boost efficiency and allow more informed decision taking.


Using technology to transform labor work force into a robotized work to boost efficiency, accuracy and cost effectiveness through infrastructural changes and creating smart reliance on production.


Providing hardware to facilitate biometrical information to organizations, applications varying according to industry starting from security and ending with biotech.

AI Optimized Hardware

Providing tweaks and adjustments to existing hardware enabling it to integrate with smart AI powered applications, it is used mostly in infrastructure automation and identity confirmation using various methods of authentication from computer vision to fingerprint authentication.

Smart Servers

Providing organizations with servers that can handle aspects of its own maintenance and optimization by its built in systems, useful for organizations looking to change the work modules while achieving a more efficient environment with fewer workforces.

Face Recognition

Facilitating organizations with hardware that enables face recognition, emotional recognition, applications vary from security to customer service.

Interactive 3D Holograms

The display of three dimensional vectors of products, objects and animated sequences used in various areas such as, customer support, marketing, presentations and smart infrastructure.

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