Using AI and data to enforce the security of real world physical as well as digital assets strengthening privacy system safety and cyber performance among all involved entities, Autonomous security is effective in that it is direct and instantaneous, without human error nor hesitation, protection and privacy is always at its best using PISIQ.

Government Level Security

Sandboxing organizations and using technical architecture used by governments to ensure the safety and protection of information by facilitating multiple layers of access through multiple secured sandboxes that are custom to each organization and department’s needs.

Bank Level Security

Creating systems that allow organizations to secure sensitive information by using architectural methods inspired by world class financial organizations.

Smart Security Solutions

Offering hardware and software based on AI innovation and autonomous vulnerability testing to ensure an environment that is secure, robust and ever developing by self-programmed systems and defense solutions and privacy enhancement.

Cyber Automation

Automating the process of developing secure infrastructure with zero hour vulnerability response systems aiming to build a guarded technical environment by intelligent software.

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