Artificial Intelligence Empowerment

Empowerment through Artificial Intelligence gives clients a massive advantage and upper hand in operations, management, security, defense, strategic planning and much more, pushing new limits and covering for all solutions, PISIQ AI is powerful and effective.

Bringing together high end technologies in areas such as;

Autonomous Systems

Autonomous Systems is an integration of hardware, software and data bringing the outcome of a system that is able to operate on its own or even a full business operational model with minimal human intervention

Deep Learning

Deep Learning is machine learning where neural networks – algorithms inspired by the human brain – learn from large amounts of data, deployed in all business areas; it significantly enhances business performance by processing large amounts of data and providing out of the box solutions.

Machine Learning

Machine learning is a form of AI that enables a system to learn from data rather than explicit programming, Machine learning aids in several tasks such as, customer lifetime value prediction, it eliminates manual data entry, detects spam and provides product recommendations. It also performs financial analysis and image recognition.

Digital Workforce

Using AI and data analysis to automate processes and replace and/or enhance the workforce with virtual employment teams that handles management tasks as well as task delegation and secretarial work 

Digital workforce benefits the whole organization through optimizing several tasks that require high manpower and time on an instant basis.

Decision Management

Decision management uses innovative technology and genetic and evolutionary algorithms to analyze and forecast the roadmap using insightful and live information generated or gathered to recommend the best decision to reach the best set goal for the organization.

Linguistic Processing

Linguistic processing is the use of artificial intelligence in analyzing linguistics building systems that understand human speech and respond to it. This technology is mostly deployed in conversational AI and NLP and is highly influential in the majority of business areas, varying from sales to finance services.

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is the use and deployment of technology in the areas of marketing; it may be used as an information analysis tool or as a suite that is responsible for content, campaign management, channel management as well as sales activities. It is a highly responsive yet complex system that is able to operate as a sandbox standalone one stop solution for marketing.

Digital Twin

Digital twin is a technology that is used to replicate and simulate projects, markets or economies altogether to serve as a testing environment for forecasting and understanding certain scopes, Digital twin is used at organizations to understand the impact of decisions on external and internal environmental components. For example, Samsung wants to know how the response of a segment would be if UI was altered, twinning is creating a replica of the environment and testing it.

Cognitive Computing

Cognitive computing is the use of multiple technologies in smart ware, BI and AI to create a conscious artificial entity, Cognitive computing is capable of fueling the organization with a superior human like intelligence, on the long run its predicted to replace all human workforce.

Conversational AI

The use of AI technology enabling computers to understand and respond to human contact, promising huge advancements in sectors such as, sales, customer support and educational sector.

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