PISIQ’s top executives are rated in the highest positions in the world

United Arab Emirates, Dubai: After seeing PISIQ’s ranking climb the international Crunchbase ranking for organizations. PISIQ’s team members started noticing a steady climb in the ranking of PISIQ’s board members and executives.

After PISIQ climbed the top 5 ranking in the country of UAE as per Crunchbase ranking, PISIQ’s CEO Nihal Mohammad Shaikh’s ranking shot up to #100 in the whole world and #1 in UAE, while the CTO Mudar Muhissen took up the #7 spot in UAE, #2357 in the world both beating the most influential people in the region such as Sell Any Car’s Saigin Yalcin, IPIC’s His Highness Sheikh Mansour Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Mubadala group’s Leader Khaldoon Al Mubarak and even the crown prince of Dubai and the chairman of Dubai Future Accelerators Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammad bin Rashid Al Maktoum.

Saniya Shaikha, PISIQ’s Ambassador has been ranked #11,104 in the world which is higher than 

Emaar’s Mohammed Ali Rashed Al-Abbar and many others.

According to a brief discussion with the CEO Nihal Mohammad Shaikh with regards to how he thinks that his Crunchbase ranking has shot up so much, his response was as follows:

“I am really glad to see that PISIQ is getting the attention it should have been getting from the start. It is very important for people to value innovation over just running after quick returns, we were able to convince our investors to focus on change and innovation rather than just looking at the numbers expecting a faster ROI.

I must say that faster returns might seem like the best thing for most investors but the issue with that vision is that it will not allow for us to be maximizing on making a larger change in the world as we will be focusing on just selling something that is trending in the current market. But at PISIQ our vision is much greater than just quick ROI, our vision is to bring greatness to this world by empowering people and enriching their lives by helping them fulfill their true identity.” – Nihal Mohammad Shaikh, CEO PISIQ.

PISIQ’s CTO Mudar Muhissen stated “PISIQ has always been compared to Tesla when it came to innovation and technology. Now we can see the same effect in the ranking as well”.

Tajir Al Youm, RYNMS, Mudar-M and a few confidential investors of PISIQ seem to be quite satisfied with the direction. PISIQ is taking currently with the new upcoming campaigns. And the greater vision that emphasizes on PISIQ’s slogan “Live | Gratify”

PISIQ’s subdivisions such as PISIQ’s smart material division. And graphenizer also saw a boost in its ranking as well as the acquirees of PISIQ such as Holler, Detoxifier. And Shop Smart Group saw a hike in the ranking.

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