PISIQ’s Distribution of content under fair usage policy

Creative Commons

Date: 2nd September 2020

Subject: Distribution of Information – Distribution of content under fair usage policy

Since our current board’s decision has shifted to making operations and research information public, most of the content uploaded by PISIQ on PISIQ’s Domain or Official Accounts or the content uploaded by PISIQ’s Staff is open sourced and come under creatives commons license 4.0. The only clause being is that the content shared from PISIQ shall be cited and referenced to PISIQ’s Team and the relevant Authors.

If any individual is facing any difficulty with copyrights with relations to PISIQ’s content, feel free to get in touch with PISIQ’s information team by emailing [email protected].


Keep Exploring, Keep Innovating.

Nihal Mohammad Shaikh

Chief Information Officer, PISIQ.

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All the content on this site and other publicly available outlets handled by PISIQ’s team is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license. Nihal Mohammad Shaikh the CIO of PISIQ™ 2020

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